Sunday, February 24, 2013

I've Learned Love

I've learned that the people who "yell" they love me but can't back it up, do not hold a candle to those who WHISPER it to my heart: those who show me by letting me know they are there as I strive for a better life...

For some reason, those are the people we often ignore; Yet it is those people who will continue loving us and supporting us because they LOVE us unconditionally. 

I've learned to "listen to" the things people do (now that's an oxymoron for you), rather than weigh their love by "what" they say or don't say. 

Most importantly, I've learned that it is just as important to not always be on the receiving end of love; Love is, [truly] what love does! ~~ 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I Want to Kiss U. . .


How do I explain holding u and kissing u? 
How do I explain kissing u like it was my first time?
How do I explain kissing u like it was my last time?

Babies learn first by tasting... 
How can I explain wanting to learn every inch of u that way? 
How do I explain it, 
Until I show U?

How do I?