Friday, December 9, 2011

Alone Time

Sometimes God needs to get us all by ourselves to work with us. 
He removes the distractions, and weeds out people who were just there to feed off of us; leaving us with the quiet to hear HIS VOICE...
He REVEALS the STEADFAST FRIENDS WHO CONTRIBUTE to our lives and means us well; INSTEAD OF sucking us dry like EMOTIONAL VAMPIRES
Sometimes lessons are HARD, but those are LESSONS we never forget...they MAKE US STRONG

Sometimes God needs to get us all by work with us. I love you.

(For my nephew, as he dealt with being incarcerated)

Monday, August 8, 2011

My Loves

Each Love of My Heart...
Was Worth the Risk!!!


Monday, July 18, 2011

Love's Journey

Every experience in love is a journey of self-discovery.
The more we learn about the one we love, the more we learn about ourselves.
and even though the love may cool and we may go our separate ways,we have gained in knowledge.

We understand at least one other person better.
And we cannot help but better understand that intriguing, grouping, puzzling companion we were destined to live with forever: the secret inner-self.

Strangely, fortunately, seemingly, unlovable people do have those who love them.
But only the lovable and loving ever enjoy true delight and the wonder of love.

I don't think love is "never having to say you're sorry."
If we're human, we all hurt each other---
even when we don't mean to...

True love is understanding and being able to say, I'm sorry.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Like Heaven!

I can't know
What God has in store for me,
but if it's more than what I feel
With you
and feel from you....well,
that would be pretty close to heaven.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sweet Agony

How will I endure without your love~
when I see you in everything?
The wind caresses me ~ I feel your hands.
The sun envelopes me ~ I feel your heat.

The sound of your voice creates glaziers of emotions
springing forth

Your love fills me with intensity

Your breath
harmonizes with my breath.
My body syncs with your rhythm.
Your heart strums a sweet baseline

I pull you closer, but can't get close enough.

You are mine...yet I cannot have you.

...and so it is!


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Already Are

We all want to belong. But often times we try too hard and lose ourselves in the very thing(s) we are trying to become a part of. Sometimes the most precious thing is right in front of us waiting for us to make it a part of our lives. I guess that's what's meant by "can't see the forest for the trees." To make your own will instead of... abiding by God's always causes unrest...
~Siempre y para siempre, mis amores.  ~~~03/02/11

Thursday, February 24, 2011

For Jordan

My Heart!
If I could put my arms around you
And draw your pain into me--- I would.
If I could take your place
to channel away your sorrow---I wouldn't hesitate.

But I can't--We all have our cups to bear.

But as you bear yours, know that I'm here...waiting...praying...
for the return of your smile, your laughter---your growth.

It hurts that we can't always protect our children.
I've never known such sorrow, but I'm thankful for the joy I receive
watching God work and knowing He's protecting you--- He's loving you
even more than I---
I trust Him with your life---But you must trust also!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Siempre y Siempre"

My heart will never change it's love for you.
It was meant to love you forever.

No matter where you are, or where you go, no matter what---
My love will be there with you.

Always believe that.

There is no perfect love,
But I love you as perfectly as I can.

Time has passed, and life has been lived,
Yet you have been with me in every step ~ in every breath.
You may not have realized it at the time ~ but I have been with you.

If you thought of me for no reason, it was me thinking of you.

As often as I have glanced at the full moon,
I wondered if you were looking at that same moment.
As often as I have watched the rocking motion of the Gulf,
I wondered if your heart was being calmed at that same time.

And whenever I spoke your name 

I hoped to say it often enough so you would eventually hear me.

It is all so confusing,
Yet it is all so clear...

I am in love with you.
I desire you.

It is how I feel.
It is how I have always felt.
And I always will..."Siempre y Siempre"  

Always and forever

This Man

I love a man who burrows to the deepest core of my soul.
When I breathe, I breathe his air.
When I think, I think his thoughts...
When I love~
every ounce of me is poured into him.

I've loved this man,
from the moment I met him~
and I love him still!

I love this man so deeply~
the depth of the abyss pales in comparison...
The width of all the oceans are not enough to reach it...
nor can it be seen from the highest of mountains.

I love YOU, my man.
and Together 
we will diminish that abyss,
cross that ocean,
climb that mountain.

In my arms you will know the love you have never known...

Touching You

bodies like water 
in one direction
yet moving in all directions



yet wild, 
fierce yet cool


soft, wet, refreshing

thirst quenched.