Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Siempre y Siempre"

My heart will never change it's love for you.
It was meant to love you forever.

No matter where you are, or where you go, no matter what---
My love will be there with you.

Always believe that.

There is no perfect love,
But I love you as perfectly as I can.

Time has passed, and life has been lived,
Yet you have been with me in every step ~ in every breath.
You may not have realized it at the time ~ but I have been with you.

If you thought of me for no reason, it was me thinking of you.

As often as I have glanced at the full moon,
I wondered if you were looking at that same moment.
As often as I have watched the rocking motion of the Gulf,
I wondered if your heart was being calmed at that same time.

And whenever I spoke your name 

I hoped to say it often enough so you would eventually hear me.

It is all so confusing,
Yet it is all so clear...

I am in love with you.
I desire you.

It is how I feel.
It is how I have always felt.
And I always will..."Siempre y Siempre"  

Always and forever

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